Enjoy these benefits of Egyptian dance:

  • Excellent workout for all the body - especially the spine
  • Improves muscle tone, posture, and flexibility
  • Suitable for all ages regardless of height, weight or body shape
  • Unique form of self-expression
  • Gain confidence and relieve stress
  • Learn a new skill and make new friends
  • A chance to dress up and escape the 9-5 routine

Egyptian dance can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of age, size, or body shape.

Apart from being an excellent workout for all the body many students also find that it helps overcome issues such as low self-esteem and poor body image.

The dance offers a perfect escape from the stress of everyday life: and you can enjoy dressing up in colourful, feminine costumes.

This sensual dance form often brings a sense of release, freedom, and acceptance that modern exercise simply cannot match. It also helps reconnect with other women, creating a sense of unity that is often lacking in our busy lives.

You don't have to be young either: Egyptian dance can be even more beautiful when performed by mature women who draw on life experiences and express these through their emotional response to this timeless, magical music.

"Thank you for your energetic and positive way of teaching.

"I really enjoyed it and it was perfect for me to leave the work day behind."