Performances and Events

Forthcoming events

    See student dance groups Banat Al Gharb and Hawanim at Walsworth Festival on 21st May, and at Letchworth Festival in June.

Past events

  • 24-hour Shimmython in aid of MS Trust & Breast Cancer Care January 2012 which raised over 2k.
  • Banat Al Gharb and 'Hawanim' the Friday Ladies) performed at a charity 'dance spectacular' at Stevenage Leisure in December
  • Banat Al Gharb opened the 'World Mental Health Day - The Great Push' event at Lechworth Centre for Healthy Living on 9th October.
  • Banat Al Gharb were out and about this summer at events and festivals including: Hitchin Health Awareness Day; Walsworth Festival; Letchworth Festival; Letchworth Day of Dance; Stevenage Carnival and Ashwell Show.
  • Tabeeya Dance Company presented 'El Hazz' an evening celebrating the joy and excitement of Egyptian dance at Grantham Guild Hall and Fearnhill School, LGC and raised 850 for the Sunshine Project supporting orphans in Luxor.
  • Mid-March Madness: hafla in aid of the MS Trust 12th March 2011 at the Letchworth Settlement, drumming with Tim Garside, accordion with Elgamal Elkordy. We raised 500 for the MS Trust
  • March 2011: Banat Al Gharb perform at'Around the World' at North Hertfordshire College.
  • January 2011: Bridget performed improvised tabla solo with Adam Warne at 'To the Beat of the Drum'.
  • 28th January 2011: Variety Show fundraiser for Letchworth Arts CentreVariety Show Flyer
  • November 2010: Banat Al Gharb at Pragathi Cafe's multi-cultural dance event at Plinston Hall, LGC.
  • November 2010: Baladi Workshop with Sara Kahan at the Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living.
  • October 2010: Banat Al Gharb at 'Celebrate 10' at the Gordon Craig in association with the Stevenage Together Partnership
  • March 2010: Hafla in aid of the MS Trust with drumming from Tim Garside where we raised 600.
  • October 09 Banat Al Gharb perform at 'Celebrate '09' at the Gordon Craig theatre
  • Summer 09: Banat Al Gharb at various events including Baldock Town Centre relaunch
  • July 09 Tabeeya at RoTW (appearances from 1999-2009) for video click here: Ya Helwa
  • July 09 Tabeeya at Lord Mayor's Celebrations, City Hall, Norwich
  • November 08 drum and dance workshop with Tim Garside
  • September 08 N'Autumnbury Festival and Fairfield Park Steet Fair
  • July 08 Hertfordshire Big Dance 08
  • July 08 Fuze world music event with Sara Kahan and Guy Schalom's Baladi Blues Ensemble
  • Middle-Eastern 'indoor picnic' featuring live drumming from Tim Garside at The Letchworth Settlement
  • June 2008 Planet Egypt with Bridget, Banat Al Gharb and Al Amar (see Links)
  • May 2008 Baldock Day of Dance
  • With Tabeeya at the Raqs Sharqi Society Open Day (see Links)
  • Stevenage Leisure Centre's Health Action Day
  • With Sarah Kahan and Guy Schalom's Baladi Blues Ensemble, Wellingborough March 2008
  • Tabeeya's 'Dawn til Dusk' Autumn 2007
  • Tabeeya's 'Sha'abi Dreaming' June 2006
  • Out of Africa Festival, Carnaby Street, London May 2005 with Sarah Kahan
  • Tabeeya's 'Salaam Cairo' September 2005
  • Raqs Sharqi Society Showcase Performances: 2003 and 2004. For photos and reviews click here: Raqs Sharqi Society Reviews