Hi, I'm Bridget Poulter and welcome to my Egyptian dance website.

Egyptian dance - sometimes termed Raqs Sharqi (oriental dance) - is often called by the more familar name of bellydance. Yet movements involve more than the belly. This term derives from 'danse du ventre': a phrase coined by 19th century French travellers to describe the intricate torso and hip movements which were just not possible for corseted ladies in the West. It may also be a transliteration of the word 'baladi' which means 'of the country' in Arabic.

Today, 'bellydance' usually refers to the cabaret form with dancers dressed in a beaded 'bedlah' and maybe a bare midriff. The differences between these styles are subtle - the most obvious being that, with traditional-style dance, we are more covered up.

Both forms share the same heritage and it's really only since the Egyptian film hey-day with its Hollywood ideas of glamour that this divergence occurred.

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